About Collins Vacation Rentals

How do you define adventure?

Is it sailing the open sea, coming face-to-face with exotic wildlife, or simply relaxing in luxury in your own private oasis? Whatever your preference, St. George Island is ready to deliver.

Enjoy a jet-set stay in the gated St. George Plantation, where you can relish exclusive access to fitness facilities, an Olympic-size pool, tennis courts, bike paths, Bob Sikes Cut, and a paved, 3,800 foot private air strip. Experience our renowned fishing with a retreat in a home with its own private bayside dock, or simply cast off from the shore on our 20 miles of beach. From snorkeling the Gulf of Mexico, to kayaking the Apalachicola River Paddling Trail System, there is never a shortage of outdoor activities in and around St. George Island.

While our pristine shores offer a wealth of opportunities for excursions and exploration, many of our customers agree that the greatest adventure on St. George Island is the adventure of spending time with the ones they love. We offer everything from sweeping luxury homes to quaint beach cottages, so you are sure to find the right home for your vacation, whether you are planning a bespoke wedding, a family reunion, or just a long weekend with friends. Each home offers a unique opportunity to fall in love, and whether it’s a private pool, a bay view, or memories of time well spent, many of our customers come back year after year to “their” home on St. George Island.

Ready to start your island adventure? Trust Collins Vacation Rentals. We have been welcoming guests to St. George Island since 1973. We are eager to introduce you to our 240 privately-owned rental accommodations.

Please call today at (877) 771-6268 or visit www.collinsvacationrentals.com for current information on homes, amenities, specials, and online booking. Space on St. George Island is limited, so we encourage you to book early for the widest selection in rental homes. Come to St. George Island, your adventure is waiting!

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