The Taste of the Gulf

The Gulf of Mexico, and the Apalachicola Bay in particular, are known for their incredible variety and excellent quality of seafood.

shrimp, gulf of mexico, st george island, florida, seafood


shrimp, shrimping, boats, st. george island, florida

shrimp boats off the beaches of st. george island

sunset, shrimp, boat, st. george island, apalachicola

a shrimp boat docked at sunset

Shrimping is big in the gulf waters that surround St. George Island.  In the summer months, it’s not uncommon to spot shrimping boats working just offshore.  At local restaurants, you can find almost any style of shrimp: from simply steamed or fried to the rich scampi served at Up the Stairs.


oysters, oystermen, oystering, apalachicola bay

oystering in the apalachicola bay

The Apalachicola River forms an estuary where it meets the bay, oysters flourish in the mineral rich water.  The Apalachicola Bay is one of the last places in America where you can see oysters harvested by hand.  To learn more about this tradition, take a look at this great piece in Garden & Gun Magazine.


fishing, sunset, cast net, mullet, st. george island

casting in the apalachicola bay

For locals, there’s no fish and chips basket quite like a mullet fish and chips basket.  This firm, white fish is mild and delicious fried.  Drive down the Apalachicola bridge in the evenings, and you may spot a fisherman or two throwing a cast net to catch one of these delicious local favorites.

Various & Sundry

soft shell crab, shrimp, peppers, grill, st. george island

seafood on a grill in the st. george island state park

While shrimp and oysters are probably first on the minds of frequent visitors to our area, the Apalachicola Bay and Gulf of Mexico are great areas for red snapper, mahi mahi, scallops, blue crab, flounder, mackerel, and much more.

Interested in trying a bite?  Check out some of our great local restaurants or stock up at a local fish market. On St. George Island, you’ll find Doug’s or Dale’s seafood trucks conveniently located near the Collins Vacation Rental offices.

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