Never a Dull Sunset

Living or vacationing on St. George Island is a truly unique experience.  There are some vacations that just don’t seem as good the second time around.  St. George is not one of those places.

There’s something about the sunsets here.  Sunsets everywhere are beautiful, but the cool waters of the Apalachicola River meeting the warm waters of the gulf create spectacular clouds that float over calm waters.  There’s something extra quiet and calming about a sunset on St. George, too.  There’s no distracting traffic and life moves a little slower.

No matter how long we live here, we never seem to get tired of seeing those sunsets.

sunset, florida, st. george island

the most popular spot for viewing sunsets on the island is overlooking the bay between the welcome sign and the bridge.

sunset, florida, st. george island, fishing, family

it’s always good to share a sunset memory with the ones you love.

st. george island state park, island, florida, sunset

the st. george island state park gives you a glimpse of how the sunsets looked on the island before the first settlers arrived.

fish, sunset, st. george island, florida

sunset is a great time to spot fish jumping in the water. dolphins can be particularly active at this time as well.

Welcome Sea Glass

We’d like to wish a warm welcome to one of our new homes: Sea Glass!

beach home island vacation

Sea Glass has great views, and an incredible location in the St. George Island Plantation.  This 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath house has all you need to relax and enjoy your stay on St. George.  We love it for its relaxed but luxurious feel, and, of course, its sweeping porches!  This home has a screened porch, sun deck, and balcony with gulf views, so you never have to travel far to get your fill of the ocean sights and sounds.

We’re in love with Sea Glass!  Click here to check out more of this great home.